The Purge Rules
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Purge Server Rules


General Definitions
  • Staff
    • The term staff refers to members of the community who have been elevated to volunteer or paid for service in order to enforce server rules or help members of the community with server related issues.

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Staff Punishment Definitions
  • Minge/Minging
    • The act of being troublesome or intentionally breaking rules in order to cause chaos and disorder on the server and/or annoyance to its player base. This may include intentionally breaking server rules like mic spamming and prop abuse.

  • Spamming
    • Spamming may refer to mic spamming, chat spamming, emote spamming or a combination of all three.
    • Mic spamming is when an individual or group of individuals use their mic to continuously or rapidly speak in a manner that is unfitting of a game environment.
    • Chat Spamming is when an individual or group of individuals repeatedly and rapidly sends chat messages over any avenue of communication on the server.

  • Harassment
    • Harassment is defined as repeated unwanted verbal abuse towards an individual.
    • Harassment may result in a permanent ban.

  • Disrespect
    • Disrespect is defined as offensive language (including racism) or actions towards an individual or group of people. Disrespect can range in punishment from a banishment to a permanent ban.

  • Advertising
    • Advertising is defined as drawing attention to another community, to an application, or to another service/product. Advertising another community or a service/product will result in a permanent ban. Advertising an application will result in denial of the application.
    • This includes inviting or encouraging players to play on another community, offering perks/ranks to go to that community, or mentioning the other community repeatedly. This is a permanent ban.

  • Exploiting
    • Exploiting is defined as knowingly using bugs, glitches, cheats, or software to gain an advantage over other players. This may include using third party software, using a known bug, or finding an unknown bug and hiding it to use to your advantage.
    • If a player is a ware of an exploit and uses it without discreetly reporting it, they will be banned with no exception.

  • Inappropriate Content
    • Inappropriate Content is defined as anything said, posted, linked, or described in an out of character manner. This mainly includes sexual content, but can be expanded to include gore, malicious links, and private information (private information being a user's personal information, IE anti doxing rule)


General Rules
  1. Do not spam.

  2. Do not harass or disrespect others.

  3. Do not advertise, promote, or leech.

  4. Do not exploit.

  5. Do not post or engage in inappropriate content.

  6. Do not minge, troll, or purposely annoy.

  7. Do not complain about decisions made by staff in-game or in Global Chat, instead, make a report/appeal on the forum.

  8. Do not avoid any punishment given by staff by any means

  9. Player names must be appropriate. Staff have discretion on what is and is not appropriate.

  10. No porn/NSFW content, illegal garbage, ear rape garbage, racist garbage, or erotic garbage.

  11. Using voice manipulation like voice changers or text to speech is not permitted.


Purge Specific Rules


    1. Players may NOT follow/stalk other players aggressively during the purge's building phase with the intention of killing them. This includes gaining unwarranted entry into their base or staying nearby to quickly attack when the purge commences. This rule ensures everyone will have have a fair chance to stage their attack, especially new players.


    1. Any prop that a player is standing on must be reasonably supported by the world or another prop. If not, this is considered prop climbing and is punishable.

    2. Building outside of a base is typically off-limits, this is administered by a per-case basis.

    3. Blocking players, bases, entities, or areas on the map is a bannable offense.

    4. Placing props inside of other props to create one highly barricaded spot is not allowed.

    5. If an administrator requests you to discontinue your prop building habits, you must comply.

    Door/Base Ownership

    1. You may not own a base only to sell it. When purchasing a base, you must have the intentions of using it during the purge.

    2. You may not build or hide in a base you do not own during the building phase.

    Purging Rules

    1. Intentionally prolonging the purge phase is not permitted, and may result in round banishment.

Administration Process
    The server administration reserves the right to assign varying punishments to all rules broken on a per-case basis. Punishments may scale increasingly based upon past infractions. All bans may be appealed, but there is no guarantee that it will be approved.

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